Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Law Of Attraction!

Well I was increasingly running out of cigarettes and worrying about it made me smoke more thus further deleting my supply of cigarettes! Plus I was smoking a cheaper brand called "Smokin Joes" because that was all that I could afford!

This cheaper brand of cigarette - actually it isn't even a cigarette it is called filtered cigars - I used to get because it only cost like $1.60 BUT the price increased to $2.00! But it is still the most cheapest that I can find!

Anyways like I was saying, I was worried so much about increasing my cigarette supply that I started thinking about how I could do that!

I remembered in the past about how the law of attraction worked for me as far as me having cigarettes was concerned so I was working on trying to manifest some more cigarettes into my life! I was thinking about it long and hard - perhaps too hard but I finally managed to get an idea! It wasn't 100% foolproof but it did allow me to buy 2 more packs of the cheaper brand!

So now I'm happily typing away (as you can plainly see) while happily smoking a cigarette - actually it's called cigar!

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